Is There Truly Such Thing As The “Greatest” Workout or Diet Program?

There is no such thing as the “Greatest” workout routine or the “Greatest” meal plan because, in all truth, your definition of a “Great” plan is going to fall down to your own physical attributes. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t recommend you things that may be useful.

As a very athletic individual who has been advocating for fitness most of my life, I will share with you the things that I believe are most beneficial to working out and what could help you find what’s “Best” for you

1. Dieting

Diet is an extremely important factor that heavily affects your weight loss journey. I’m not gonna ramble onto you about the different kinds of diets and why you want to choose them. I’ll just keep it simple:

. Low-Carb Diet is great for Weight loss

. High Protein Diet is great for bulking, you need the extra protein to support Muscle Growth

. Keto Diet (Not the same as Low-Carb) lesser carb intake than the Low-Carb Diet forcing your body to enter “Ketosis” where your body uses fat as a backup source for energy because Carbs aren’t being provided

There’s a wide variety of diets out there, it’s difficult to determine what is correct for you but there are many programs that offer you a specifically customized meal plan that tailors to your specific needs.

Example: The Custom Keto Diet Plan requires you to enter a wide variety of information regarding your personal health, age, gender, and your present physique at the moment. It combines that with your weight loss goals and creates a Keto Diet just for you. If this program catches your interest Click here

2. Exercise

I specifically put this after Dieting because many often believe that the only way to lose weight is working out but they don’t realize that It doesn’t matter how hard you train if you go home and stuff your face with junk food.

You just burned all those calories just to go and get them all back. You’re not even providing your body with the correct nutrients to promote muscle growth or achieve whatever fitness goal you so heavily desire.

I will list different kinds of workouts below:

. Calisthenics is the term used to describe working out without equipment or “Body Weight Training”. You ever seen those videos of guys grabbing a bar and walking on air basically? That’s achieved through intense calisthenics training, they’ve gained incredible core strength and can maneuver their own body weight with ease.

. Weight Training I don’t think I need to explain this but It’s basically just training with dumbells, machines, etc…

. Endurance Training less weight being utilized over a longer period of time. Examples: Bicep curls 15 pounds 25 reps. The weight is reduced but the number of reps performed is increased

. Power Training is the exact opposite of endurance training. Instead of performing more reps with less weight, you’re doing fewer reps but with more weight. Example: Bicep Curls 30 pounds 8–10 reps

Your different choice in a workout will vary depending on your current physical state and what you’re fitness goals are.

3. Never Neglect Sleep!

I’ll keep it nice and simple for ya, sleep is your greatest fat burner. A common thing for many individuals to do is to disregard sleep for activity. While at the moment it may seem like no issue. However, that stacks up over time and sleep is our body’s method of recharging.

Our bodies are like phones, you can use them for long periods of time but eventually, it’s gotta recharge. If you never recharge then well… I’m sure you’re already aware of the result in that.

Make sure you guys are getting the required hours of sleep. Nothing feels better than waking up, feeling fresh and rejuvenated, ready to take on all challenges life has to throw at you. Rather than waking up and just wanting to go to sleep until 2 pm. Get a good night’s rest, wake up early, and go tackle life’s challenges with your head held high and your energy at its maximum!

4. Hydration

I shouldn’t even need to explain this one but hey, even I too forget. STAY HYDRATED It’s that simple, water is rejuvenating! Hey, I’m with you, that Vente Midnight Mocha Frappuccino from Starbucks is looking scrumptious but you gotta drink water.

We don’t just say “Drink Water” because water is such a common resource to come by. We say it because water is what’s responsible for helping your body maintain its normal everyday functions such as digesting food and disposing of waste. If you neglect water, your body is going to be rendered incapable of performing its natural actions as it’s supposed to.

Water is what allows each individual cell to work. Do you know what can happen when you don’t drink enough water? Constipation! I haven’t met a single person who enjoys being constipated and if you do… then it’s time to find you a different past-time hobby, my friend!


There Is no such thing as the “Greatest” plan because to put it simply, all of our bodies work differently and we all share different present physical attributes. Now I know I didn’t start throwing at you “This Is The #1 Workout Plan In The Multi-Verse!” because that’s just false advertising.

You know I’d be lying to you and to just throw a program at your face and expect you to follow it would be the height of futility. It’s like if I walked up to you and handed you a Sword because I prefer using swords but you were fitter to use a dagger or a bow instead.

It all boils down to your present state, your age, fitness goals, and level of determination to achieve those goals. Listen, nobody can get you Hugh Jackman’s physique overnight. You’ll understand that fitness is a journey, not a sprint. It’s quite intimidating and difficult for many to get started but even if you’re struggling to understand it all, at least get your foot in the door and start doing something because simply waiting for what you think is an answer will do nothing for you. Trial and error, you will eventually be glad you took the first steps and started working hard for your goals!

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